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Steps to create your USI
The following steps show how you can create a USI:
Step 1 Have at least one and preferably two forms of ID ready from the list below:

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Medicare Card
  • Australian Passport
  • Visa (with Non-Australian Passport) for international students
  • Birth Certificate (Australian)
  • Certificate Of Registration By Descent
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Immi Card

IMPORTANT: To make sure we keep all of your training records together, the USI will be linked to your name as it appears on the form of ID you used to create the USI. The personal details entered when you create a USI must match exactly with those on your form of ID.
If you do not have proof of ID from the list above, you can contact us about the other acceptable documents to get your USI.

Step 2 Have your personal contact details ready (e.g. email address, mobile number, or address).

Step 3 Visit the USI website at: usi.gov.au.

Step 4 Select the ‘Create a USI’ link and follow the steps.

Step 5 Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Step 6 Follow the instructions to create a USI – it should only take a few minutes. Upon completion, the USI will be displayed on the screen. It will also be sent to your preferred method of contact.

Step 7 You should then write down the USI and keep it somewhere handy and safe.

When will my records and results appear in my USI account?
You may find that information about the training you completed is not included in your USI account immediately after completion or issuance of the qualification by your training organisation.  In most cases this will be because your training organisation has not yet reported the information to the NCVER.  Your training organisation will be able to tell you when they will provide their next report to the NCVER. 

Are there any records and results that won't appear in my USI account?
Please note that some training organisations are exempted from reporting VET information to the NCVER.  Australia Training Pty Ltd has not been exempted from reporting to the NCVER.

Will my USI account have training completed before the 1 January 2015?
You should also note that it will not be possible for your USI account to include any information about the training you undertook before 1 January 2015 as such information is retrospective to the commencement of the scheme and the system is not designed to back-capture training completed before 2015. 

Using your USI?
 From 1 January 2015 you will need to give your USI to Australia Training Pty Ltd when you enrol to study.   
Students who need a USI include: 

    • students who are enrolling in nationally recognised training for the first time
    • school students completing nationally recognised training
    • students continuing with nationally recognised training

A student who is continuing study is a student who has already started their course in a previous year (and not yet completed it) and will continue studying after 1 January 2015.
Once you create your USI you will be able to: 

    • give your USI to each training organisation you study with
    • view and update your details in your USI account
    • view and download your training records and results (transcript) from early 2016 onwards
    • manage who can view your transcript

Please note that your USI account will not have your records and results (transcript) for the first year and will available in 2016.


Australia Training Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. 

You have the right to see and review your personal and training file at any time provide you organise it with the CEO with 1 - 2 day's’ notice.

We have a Privacy Policy that sets out the way we handle personal information, including the use and disclosure of personal information and rights to access your personal information.  We only collect information that is directly relevant to effective service delivery. 


Australia Training Pty Ltd will exercise strict control over confidential information.  If a third party requires client information we will obtain your prior written consent prior to the release of any information.


On your enrolment form there is a place to sign to say that we can provide information to Government Departments about your enrolment, attendance and performance. We do this as it is required by the Government.

Discrimination and Harassment

It doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you were born in Australia or overseas, the Equal Opportunity legislation and federal anti-discrimination laws protect your rights.

It is against the law for someone to treat you unfairly (discriminate) or harass (hassle or pick on) because of your actual or assumed:

  • Age
  • Carer status
  • Disability/impairment
  • Gender
  • Lawful sexual activity
  • Marital status
  • Physical features
  • Political belief of activity
  • Pregnancy
  • Race
  • Religious belief of activity
  • Sexual orientation


It is also against the law for someone to sexually harass you. If you make a complaint (or help someone else make a complaint), it is against the law for someone to hassle or victimise you because you have done so. It is also against the law to authorize or assist another person to discriminate or harass someone.

Discrimination in education occurs if a personal characteristic is used when:

  • Deciding who will be admitted as a student including refusing to accept a student’s application;
  • Denying or limiting access to benefits; or
  • Any other unfair treatment based on a personal characteristic defined by law.

Sexual harassment is behaviour of a sexual nature that is unwelcome, unasked for and unreturned. If a reasonable person would have foreseen that the behaviour would offend, humiliate (put down) or intimidate (threaten or scare) the other person, then the law says it will be sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be physical, verbal or written. It can include words, statements or visuals that are transmitted by paper, phone, fax, e-mail, office intranets, videoconference or any other means of communication.

If any of these things happen to you, or you feel they might be happening to someone else, go and see the Head Trainer immediately and tell them about it. If you don’t want to speak with the Head Trainer, then go and see the CEO to get some assistance.

The Work Health and Safety Act is strongly enforced in QLD. It means that you cannot be placed at risk through anything that you may be asked to do by the Australia Training Pty Ltd. Your trainers and assessors have been specially trained in Australia Training Pty Ltd’s safety standards.

Should you be asked to do anything you feel is unsafe:

  • Stop.
  • Advise the trainer of your worries and do not proceed.
  • Stop anyone else with you from doing anything unsafe.


It is the CEO’s responsibility to keep you in a safe learning and working environment and he must not allow any work to be done that is unsafe.

We are an alcohol and drugs of abuse free centre: arriving intoxicated or affected by drugs of abuse may result in suspension or termination from the course. If you are caught selling or otherwise acting dishonestly, then you may be reported to the Police for appropriate action.

If you act unsafely, then you may be required to undergo additional training to demonstrate that you understand the safety requirements and are able to comply with them.

Attendance Procedures
You must sign in on the attendance register, carefully noting your time of arrival and later in the day, your time of departure. If you do not sign the attendance record accurately you will be marked as absent.

If you are sick or have a personal problem which cannot immediately be resolved, phone the Administration Officer and let us know.

It is illegal to:

  • Sign for another student
  • Have another student sign for you
  • Sign but not to note the time of attendance
  • Sign for only the entry or exit of the class


Access to Records
Students may access their own personal records by submitting a written request to the Administration Officer. Within 14 days of receipt, and after verification that the records are for the individual submitting the written request, records will be made available to the student.

Only authorised personnel within Australia Training Pty Ltd may access student records. Trainers and Assessors only have access to records for students for whom they are responsible for either training or conducting assessments. They cannot access any other student records.

Administration Officer access student records to ensure records are maintained and up to date as required (eg when entering computer data, and preparing or entering information into files for a student, to issue qualifications or in response to a written request by the student for information). 

The CEO, Administration Officer, and ASQA auditors have access to student records in relation to conducting audits and ensuring records are maintained and stored as required to Australia Training Pty Ltd policies and procedures.  All authorised personnel are required to ensure information is kept confidential and is only accessed in the course of their duties. No information is released to any other person without the express written permission of the student.


Refund Policy

Refund Policy

  • Students are provided with the refund policy and application form prior to enrolment. Refund information is always available from Administration.
    • The request for refund is made in writing to the CEO using Fee Refund Application which is available from Administration. 
    • The CEO is the person responsible for approval of fee refund applications.
    • Course cancellation up to 4 days prior to commencement of the course without penalty. To receive the full refund will be paid with notice of 4 days or more must be made in writing, by email or by fax.
    • Course cancellation with less than 4 days notice will result in a refund of all except the course deposit.
    • Accepted students who withdraw after course commencement owing to unforeseen or exceptional circumstance can apply for fee refund. If granted fees will be refunded on a pro-rata basis (based on the number of days remaining in the course) less 20% of the total course cost.
    • Students may transfer on one occasion to a course commencing within 3 months of their original course without penalty.
    • Refunds following cancellation of a transferred course will attract a penalty of 20% of the total course cost in addition to the refund guidelines outlined above. 
    • Fee Refund Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • Australia Training Pty Ltd defaults when a course does not commence on the designated day or is actually cancelled. No student will be disadvantaged.
    • Fee refunds will be made 14 days after demand when Australia Training Pty Ltd defaults and within 28 days after demand when the student defaults.
    • Australia Training Pty Ltd dispute resolution processes do not circumscribe the student’s right to pursue other legal remedies.
    • This agreement does not CHC50113 the right of either party to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws for unpaid and overdue fees. Students may contact the Department of Fair Trading.
    • The refund policy is subject to review from time to time.
    • Where the RTO collects student fees in advance it will ensure it will only accept payment of $100 from each individual student prior to the commencement of the course. Following course commencement, the RTO may require payment of additional fees in advance from the student but only such that at any given time, the total   

amount required to be paid which is attributable to tuition or other services yet to be delivered to the student does not exceed $1,500.

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